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    Hi everybody.
    Im new on the forum ...may be somebody can help me...
    Is there a way to auto launch a program after a soft reset on the treo 750?

    This is because Im using "smclose.exe" , this programs turns your "X" "minimize" into an actual "close" button which is great, but it needs to be loaded on memmory to work.... aaand because I need to soft reset once in a while my treo so it can detect my spectec wifi card...some times I forget to launch "smclose"...iuufff thats the whole explanation of why i need that...

    Thanks in advance
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    Try putting a shortcut to it in your Start menu (just like you would on your pc).
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    You could also install the Reset program below. It is a must have program on my treo.

    Thanks to Hannip and Codyppc for this one. See post #12 in this thread for the download link:

    When you run it, you get a simple dialog box asking if you want to reset with 2 big buttons for YES or NO. Since it installs an icon in your programs group, I call it with voice command "start reset".
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    Thank you both! Great advices!!
    I ended out pasting a shortcut in my "Windows/start/" folder and it worked perfectly.

    Fantastic tip on the reset tool too!

    All though the treo sometimes does detect the wifi card right after inserting it, there are other times that the only thing to do is soft resetting the phone..
    I just wish there were a tool to force the treo to detect the wifi card without having to do the reset

    By the way , a really handy tool to monitor the wifi card is called "IP Dashboard " shows all your connections data right on the today screen

    Thanks again!
    And Merry Christmas!

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