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    Hi folks,

    I recently received the Seidio Innocase for my Treo Pro and I certainly think it's a must have for users looking for a case that offers protection for the device without adding a lot of bulk. I certainly fall into this category

    For the last few years with my Treo 600, then 650, then 750, I basically kept them naked with the exception of screen protector because I typically keep the phone in my pocket and didn't want the added bulk on top of the thickness of the device. One of the things I sort of missed moving from the 750 to the Treo Pro was the soft touch paint on the back of the 750 which felt great in the hand and made you feel like the device was not going to slip out and fall on the floor easily. The Seidio Innocase provides this same feel for me with the added layer of protection because it covers the back and sides of the device while still keeping it very pocketable because it is not very thick. According to Seidio's web site it only adds about 1 mm of thickness to the device, and for me that's fine because my initial feeling on my Treo Pro was that it was actually a little thinner than I like when holding the device and it is slippery. The Innocase removes those two concerns. It feels great to hold in the hand and still fits well in my pocket.

    It's a two piece design that slides easily on the top half and bottom half of the device with a snug fit and has an interlocking mechanism on the back of the device to keep the two pieces together. The cutouts on the top, sides, bottom, and back of the device (for the camera) are all well placed and don't cause any issues with easy access to the buttons. On the rare occasions when I need to soft reset the device or remove the battery, separating the two pieces to remove the case is relatively easy so no real concerns there either. With the Treo Pro's flush screen, I feel more confident turning the device over and laying it face down on the table without much worry of scratching the device because the case provides that 1mm of thickness on the front so the screen is rests slightly above the table.

    To me, this case is really nice because I don't really think about it being on, it's sort of a "set it and forget it" type of thing. It does feel great in the hand and I do enjoying holding the phone to my ear when not using a headset more now than without the case. Overall, it's a great case and I would highly recommend it for folks looks to add some protection with a grippier feel, without losing the great pocketability and overall look of the Treo Pro.

    Innocase Holster

    While not being a "holster guy" any more, I was intrigued by Innocase Holster as a complimentary accessory to the Innocase for times when I wanted quick access to the phone without grabbing it out of my pocket. it is meant to secure the device with the screen facing in, however it could also be used with the screen facing out and I could hook it somewhere in my car for a quick look for GPS navigation (although I haven't tried yet) or on outside of the seat pocket in an airplane

    The holster is well made of a tough plastic. The spring clip feels secure on the back and it has a locking swivel belt clip for those who like to be able to rotate the angle while on your belt. The part of the holster where the screen rests facing in is a felt material so no concerns about messing up the screen while in the holster. The device fits well into the holster with the Innocase in place around the device (it is not meant to hold a "naked" Treo pro however), and I don't have any concerns about it falling out unless I really knock it into something hard (no plans on that!). It's easy enough to get in and out of the holster (one hand to get in, opposite finger on the lock and the other hand on the device to remove) without the concern that it will accidentally fall out.

    Overall, for those looking for a holster, the combination of the Seidio Innocase and Innocase Holster are a great combination and I'd highly recommend them both together, or the Innocase separately. As mentioned before, the holster is not for use without the case however.

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    Having had past versions of this Seidio case, I'll caution you that those clips holding the two sides together will eventually give way and your Treo will one day fall to the floor when you pick it up.

    And for the holster, my past experience with one for the Treo 750 is that it releases far too easily.
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    I love my Innocase II from Seido, ever since I got mine I feel like it should have been part of the TP when it was released by Palm. That rubbery feel of the innocase it's priceless as it feels with that tight grip.

    Also what I love most about this innocase it's the fact that in no-way does it become an obstacle while typing (maybe b/c of that 1mm thickness great), so typing remains the same as if the device was naked.
    Another plus I love about this innocse it's the fact that Seido was able to cut an opening on every possible buttom output on the device (speaker/ok buttoms, wifi, power and ringer switch buttoms as well as the bottom's micro-USB and 3.5mm jack connectors).

    The Innocase II has to be a must if you want to keep your Treo Pro protected.
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    Would the TP stick in the pocket and pull the pocket out if kept in sweat pants or shorts? Just curious.
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    now that i have had this case for a while, i really see no problem with the clip that hold the two pieces together. you can bend the clip outward so that it would hold even tighter. and btw they are not front and back 'sides' but rather top and bottom. it's very different from the crappy snap-ons of the 750. as far as it falling to the ground, the top piece holds my treo pro tight enough to not slip out. i have no reason to use the holster, but the case is a "must have" for me. the rubberized texture will cling to some shorts but it really depends on what fabric is lining your pockets. i have no problems with taking it out from my jeans or shorts. it wont be a problem unless you wear really tight pants (0_o) anyways, take a look at my review for non-stock pics of the case
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    yeah, no problems getting it out of pants pockets
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    That is good to hear. I abandoned a case I had for my 650 because it always pulled my pocket lining out with it. I hope this one is better and will find out Wed.
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    Is there a difference between the Innocase Holster and the Spring-Clip holster? They're both listed on the website and it's not clear whether the Innocase Holster accomodates the extended battery or whether the spring clip holster is designed for the Innocase skin.
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    I ordered but have not yet received this one yet. After dropping a scarring up a couple of 680's I wanted a case that I put a Skinned treo in. Treo central, highlighting those that would accept a Skinned Treo might help you sell more. I'm hoping this works out. We'll see
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinal View Post
    Is there a difference between the Innocase Holster and the Spring-Clip holster? They're both listed on the website and it's not clear whether the Innocase Holster accomodates the extended battery or whether the spring clip holster is designed for the Innocase skin.
    I can tell you that the Innocase holster is loose on the phone when the Innocase is off. So, perhaps, the spring clip holster is slightly shorter to accommodate a Pro without the Innocase, but with or without an extended battery?
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    Thanks for the review,
    it decides me to get one, can't wait to receive it !
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    This Innocase II it's a must-have. In the past 3 days my Treo Pro has fallen (during a moving) like 5 times hard to the floor and w/o the Innocase II I wouldn't be typing this thread, It has saved Pro's life!
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    i just receive my innocase yesterday, thanks for the review, it decided me to get one and i am not disapointed at all, thx !
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    just to chime in on the topic I have bought quite a few seidio holsters in the past and had very little problems with them. I actually prefer them over any other. I had one time where they sent a defective spring clip but they replaced it asap. I found mine at local sprint store for both the cover and holster for $25 taxes included. I saw the same on seidio for $50 plus shipping.

    I used the holster for my ppc6700, 6800, Htc TP, and now the Treo Pro.

    I do have to say that I wouldnt buy anything else from them because I had bought a $200 car kit for the 6700 and it didnt work right from the get go and they tried to get it to work but after a few months completely died and they wouldnt fix or replace it. So I was out $200
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    I have this combo for my Pro, and it is the best case/holster that I have ever had. Props to Seidio.
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    Im going to have to agree, the innocase clip and case is the best i've ever owned for any phone. It's perfect!!!

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