This involves several tools, none of which are mine. (There's a change!)

Tools Needed:
  • beezlewaxin's 800w Diagnostic Driver
  • QPST -- As this is a Qualcomm program, I will not post or link to it here. I used QPST 2.7.264 (or QPST 2.7 version 264 as it is sometimes called) for this). (Hint: Google is your friend.)
  • Your SPC/MSL code. Since the 800w uses an MESID, the normal tools won't work for this. I simply called Sprint, selected the option for tech support, kept drilling down until I got a tech, and asked for it. I told him that I needed to do a factory (also known as an RTN) reset. He happily provided it to me. If they question you about it, you can tell them that you need to reset it and have all the instructions in front of you, you just need the MSL.
  • A normal MiniUSB sync cable.
  • Your 800w.

That's an intimidating list I know, but it's really much simpler than the list might imply.

To apply the hack:
  • Install QPST.
  • Connect your phone to your PC, make sure you have a good connection.
  • On your phone, go into the dialpad and dial ##DIAG# (##3424#).
  • Select Diag passthru. (Note: You do not need to click OK. Simple select the radio button for Diag Passthru. Clicking OK makes this window go away, but you can get back to it at any point by dialing ##DIAG#.)
  • You should be prompted for several (three) hardware installs. All three times point the installer to the location where you placed beezlewaxin's 800w Diagnostic Driver.
  • Once installed, run QPST Configuration.
  • Click Add New Port...
  • Here you will see a list of comm ports. Don't worry about most of these, the one we want is labeled USB/QC Diagnostic. If you see more than one, that's okay, just add all of them (I had two).
  • One of the comm ports will list a phone. Mine displayed SURF6800. Simply make a mental note of the comm port number for this one.
  • From the QPST tools, launch QPST Service Programming. (Warning: This is an incredibly powerful tool, and it has the capabilities to completely brick your phone, rendering it useless. If you do not know what something does, don't touch it!)
  • Make sure that your phone is selected, and click OK.
  • Click the Read from Phone button. This is where you will enter your MSL/SPC code.
  • Browse to the gpsOne tab.
  • Check the following boxes:
    GPS Almanac
    GPS Ephemeris
    GPS Almanac Correction

    The Allowed and Assistance-Spherical boxes should have already been checked. (Screenshot below is of original/factory settings.)

    Note: Some people here might get excited about the Autonomous box, and with good reason. Unfortunately, this does not allow you to connect to GPS after a soft reset and with the radio off. However, this may correct some of the problems that people are seeing when they leave the network and lose their GPS connection, and this very well may be a step towards true standalone GPS.
  • Double check that you didn't change anything you weren't supposed to!
  • Click the Write to Phone button. (Note: You may be promoted for your MSL/SPC code again.)
  • Soft reset your phone.
  • Enjoy quicker GPS!

thanks for you help!!!