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    I've been using the phone since they first came out and I can say it's the best smartphone I have ever had. Previously I had a Treo 750, and before that a Blackjack. For the purposes of this post I'm only addressing smartphones.

    First, as a phone the Treo Pro has the best reception of the three I mentioned. The Blackjack a close second, and the 750 a distant 3rd. All are using the ATT network.

    Second, the Treo Pro is very rugged for a sexy phone. I've dropped mine, scratched the hell out of the back, and somehow have no cracks or scratches on the touch screen. I'm aware of the issues in other posts. Mine must be an extra rugged example.

    Finally, as long as I don't mess with too many 3rd part apps it is very snappy. It syncs with Exchange perfectly. The Wi-Fi and GPS are great additions and I use them both.

    Like Dieters review summed up, it doesn't do anything perfectly but does everything pretty darn good. Eventually there will be a device with the browsing capability of the iphone with the utilitarianism of the Pro. Utill then, this phone is IMO the best option for me.
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    OS Stability is Rock Solid.
    Reception Great - especially on the 850 band 3G.
    Resolution is Great.
    Form Factor Superb - Shirt Pocket Friendly.
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    Agree, but the keyboard is the worst ever.

    Reviews said it was similar to the Centro's, but this is only in appearance. The keys are FLAT instead of rounded, which is stupid, because it's much easier to accidentally press nearby keys.

    Also, the keys are hard, not rubbery like the Centro's.
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    I'm no champion typist but the keys get the job done, and the one handed capabilities with MagiKB make up for it.

    I've tried typing on an iphone and Storm. No go for me.
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    in my opinion, in moving up from a Centro to a Treo Pro, the slightly bigger keyboard on the Treo Pro makes typing much easier. And yes I agree, this is the best phone I've ever had and I've used some good ones.
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    Agreed, it is the best of 650, 680 and Pro by far. And typing is a little trickie, but using my little finger helps.
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    The keyboard in the end could've been made just a little bigger (the layout), but yes they get the job done. I prefer the KB on my previous Treo 750, than the Centro's.
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    Ok, I have to admit, the kb is my only complaint.
    Here's what they could have done:
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    This ficticious "Ultra Pro" looks as if the keys are bigger (yeah), why couldn't Palm engineers tought of this!
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    The keys took me a couple of weeks to get used to coming from a 750. Other than that this is one fantastic device specially in reception, call clarity & OS stability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlyee View Post
    The keys took me a couple of weeks to get used to coming from a 750. Other than that this is one fantastic device specially in reception, call clarity & OS stability.
    Ditto what charlyee said. I had a Treo 700wx before.

    I have two Treo Pros. One for me, and one for my wife. We are both real happy with them.
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    I am going to have to buck the trend, I hated every Treo keyboard with the bubble keys. I tend to use my nail edge and I was always slipping off the keys. The Centro was great because it gripped. The flat keys of the Pro have made typing a ton easier for me.

    The Treo Pro is also my favorite phone so far. I never realized how much I would use the WiFi and with it being my information swiss army knife the GPS has come in handy. Battery life is better than my last few models.
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    That's what I'm also happy about: wi-fi & GPS. There isn't a day I believe that I do not use the GPS feature on my Treo Pro.

    Last time (This past weekend) I went w/my baby and my cousin to the Mikossukee Indian Casino Reservation near the Everglades (Miami-Dade, Florida) and we took this empty two-way road that had nothing but swamps on either side for like 20 miles, guess the GPS on my Treo Pro came in handy. It guided us all the way back to civilization!
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    So far I have only used the GPS for fun, not having a need yet to use it, but it works very well.

    I use the WiFi a lot, specially from home.

    PS: Mine is exactly 2 months old today.
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    I am also very impressed with the reception. It wouldn't be a very good phone if calls were easily missed.
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    Just one day with it, but It's better than 750, and much better than HTC Touch XL and HTC Diamond. At least it does right that it promises, dislike other two than I mentioned before.
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    I recommend all to get the Innocase II from Seido to protect your TPs. I love this protective case (the best of the best)
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    I prefer pouches so bought the Incipio Orion case, designed for the iPhone 3G but fits the Treo Pro perfectly
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    I find the Treo Pro to be the best phone I have ever had, except for the hassles we have had with the BT issue (fixed) and now the cracking cases. Plam keeps demanding $400 for me to get a new unit, and it looks like I am going to have to force them to court to get it fixed. I don't want to do it, but I can see no alternative. I have given them until Jan 1 to replace the unit and get a call tag to me for the old one.

    I HATE the keyboard (compared to the 750) but the reception is better, the BT is far superior to anything I have had, and the HSDPA is a screamer!

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    Ahh, finally a positive thread. I agree, I love my Treo Pro. I see pros and cons for every device. I think if Windows Mobile comes out with a nice handy way to find usefull apps like the iPhone app store, it will be nirvana. Until then I supplement my Treo Pro only on occasion with an iPod Touch.

    It would be cool if somebody would port that free WiFi hotspot software that Nokia has to Windows Mobile, I could definitely leave the laptop at home.
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