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    Apart from these bloody cracks (my phone is in repair now, should be covered by warranty), I love my TP. I agree the keyboard could be a bit better, but is not bad. Had a iPaq 9915 before, but the TP is a definite step up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJKRAMER View Post

    You should have added a "love it" button!!!
    I would have voted "love it".
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    The Treo Pro has a number of firsts for me, all good. I've had a number of different phones (both TDMA & GSM), most of which I liked to varying degrees, for varying reasons. My favorite TDMA phone was the Panasonic Duramax -- ruggedized exterior, good battery life & signal strength for its day. My previous favorite GSM phone was the original Nokia N80, with all its features (quickly overshadowed by the N95, which I didn't own). I've also had the Cingular 8525.

    The Pro has front facing keyboard, much easier to use than side sliders or regular keypads, if you text & email a lot. It's the first phone I've had with full GPS -- acquisition time seems to be much less on mine than others have complained about -- works great. Signal strength (both voice & data) is stellar. Battery life is less than I'd like, but it's a lower amperage battery than most of my previous phones & still gets a full day or more with heavy use. Any battery drain issues I've had, I've always been able to pin down to specific software issues -- all fixed by removing the offending apps.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere in these forums, I like to customize any of my phones to look & act the way I want them to. My Pro has some of the apps recommended here, to add functionality & ease of use, including Kinoma, RealVGA & the version of M2D customized specifically for the Treo Pro. So, my phone does what I want, the way I want it done, & does it well. I'm not going to be rushing out looking for a new phone any time soon. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    How about
    'I Really Like it' ?
    That works Berd!!!!
    I hope you changed my vote to I REALLY like it already!!!!

    Might have to qualify the poll though as GTP and not STP??? I might have voted "it is ok" if what I'm reading about the STP makes it to the final production model..... don't think it will though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJKRAMER View Post
    That works Berd!!!!
    I hope you changed my vote to I REALLY like it already!!!!

    Might have to qualify the poll though as GTP and not STP??? I might have voted "it is ok" if what I'm reading about the STP makes it to the final production model..... don't think it will though...
    Yeah I would vote "its ok" on GSM and "I love it" on Sprint!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    Yeah I would vote "its ok" on GSM and "I love it" on Sprint!
    Yes. Some would see it that way. That is what makes the world great!!
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    I love my pro, the only thing I miss is a camera flash.
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    Though were not getting a lot of traffic here in the Pro section, those who voted didn't say they 'don't like it'.
    I'm sure missing mine.
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    Just got my Treo Pro on Friday

    After using Treo 650 for the last 4,5 years (yes, from September 2004), I am still drooling for the Palm OS easy of use, speed and battery. I needed Exchange Server access and my company does not support 650, otherwise I would have never switched to the new model.

    Main advantage for me is the superb form and size, as the needed Outlook Push email I think needs some more improvements.

    I need to move all PIM data on the Pro, install some applications like weather, remote control, few games, some music, another browser, and if they will all work well I will then not look back anymore to the 650.

    Looking forward to post in the same happy mood in few weeks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexcostache View Post
    Just got my Treo Pro on Friday
    I am still drooling for the Palm OS easy of use
    Oh yeah I agree with you there, the Palm OS is one of the 8th wonders of the world, wonder why Palm didn't make the effort to upgrade this platform and enable multi-tasking/3G functionalities.

    But Windows Mobile has the best MS exchange server direct push technology and with a blend of the Palm Treo Pro, I settle.
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    Just placed my order for the Pro!!!
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    I've always loved convergence devices (Pda/Phone)
    But most have been a Pda that works as a so-so phone.
    Maybe the Treo Pro doesn't have the Praised 'Special Sauce'
    but this thing is a Phone! with great Pda features.
    No instability resets, I don't miss calls, it has great reception, and calls are loud and clear.
    I'm prolly beginning to sound like a guy pushing for palm.
    But, most of us have been down that road with a Pda that is hardly a phone.
    4-5 months with the GTP and I have to say; I finally have a Reliable Phone.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I've had 10 PDA / Smartphones since moving to Toronto in June 2006 from the Treo 650, 700wx and p, Sierra Wiress VOQ, Touch and Touch Dual, and P4000 and now the Treo Pro. I've also "used" the Omnia for several hours and a couple days ... I miss the very big keys on the 650 ... I miss the 'soft keys' from the 700p/wx and P4000 ...

    I hate the screen res because none of my Handmark games work :'( ... Monopoly is ridiculously small, Scrabble is HUGE, Trivial Pursuit and Yahtzee are not working, and MUD Inc.'s "Pocket Cribbage" doesn't work at all, OliveTree bible Reader is <<edited by berd>> big time too ...

    OTHER then that *LOL* I like it. It's freakin' TINY! I've had Bluetooth on for several hours, and WiFi on for 16+ hours, 10 calls, several dozen webpages, read a LOT of news on "PocketExpress", and I STILL have 22% battery! My P4000 would be down to around 8% by now, but my Treo 650/700p/wx would be at 30% (mind, I had an "extended" battery)
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    I had to help out in the Pre Forums while they were booming.
    Things are still just dandy with my Treo Pro.
    Best Pda/Phone I've ever owned.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I've had my Treo Pro for 3 days and I really like it. I accidentally broke the screen on my Blackberry Bold and the earpiece speaker isn't working in my Iphone. I decided to take the opportunity to revisit WinMo and because of the kb/touchscreen/prive, I chose the Treo Pro.
    I do not like the battery life I am getting compared to others in the forums. I don't know if this is because I'm on Rogers 3g network but I am probably only getting 12 hours and that's with 2 30 minute phone calls, emails getting checked every 30 minutes and some web surfing. Would SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 be the issue? I'm wondering if I should try buying another batery. Any ideas?
    I don't find the keyboard bad at all...not as good as my Bold keyboard, but still ok.
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    My point of view on PDAs is strongly interfered by Treo 650 (closest to my "ideal" device), so my description can be 650-oriented

    Pros and cons of Treo Pro
    (Pros means "as good or even better comparing to T650")
    +stable. My first WM device that i didn't sell out after 2 days of testing. It's Pro's great success
    +good screen. Real Transflective. Works in full sunlight, so I decided the Pro to stay with me
    +ergonomy, ringerswitch, Fn+P and Fn+RShift to fully control backlight and many details unique to Treo Family.
    +Great sound volume, great reception
    +3,5mm audio jack

    Cons (means "as bad or even worst comparing to T650"):
    ---Unable to call records (only sound from microphone). WM sux in this place!
    -lack of this lovely antenna
    -Treo Pro is too small, "iphonish" and generally visual design is awful
    -Micro USB (Should be Mini USB)
    -MicroSD instead of SD
    -SIM card under the battery. What an ***** decided to do it? There was awesome SIM Tray in 650
    -small, thin, light stylus
    --bad keyboard derived from Centro ;( On 650 I could type 50% faster. For Treo Pro I had to grow and cut my thumbs nails to special shape :/
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    Second that. I myself have progressed through all sorts of Palms ever since the Co inception back in the early 1990s including the 650 (PalmOS) => 680 (PalmOS) => Pro (WinMo).
    Oh, and I also tried to get to like the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Curve 8320 and the 8900 Javelin.

    The Treo 680 would've come very close to my ideal smartphone were it not for its weight and size.

    Alas, IMO the Treo Pro loses to the Treo 680 in just about every other aspect. It is still better than the iPhone and the BlackBerry though ...
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