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    So i flashed my girlfriends palm 700wx to ravens 6.1 rom but she doesnt like it and she says it to slow so i was wondering if i could revert it back to the 5.0 sprint stock rom?

    Any links or files i need to put on the sd card?

    Random question, is there a 6.0 rom for sprint that runs great?

    Sorry for all the questions but any help would be highly appreciated alot.
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    Try Ebags Testing 5 rom... That should work well for you... It is about as fast as WM5...
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    I'll second that. I'm running Ebags Testing 3 (similar to 5 but not as pretty), and it's been great. So great I'm debating if I'll keep the Saga or go back to the 700wx.
    Yes, that is my boat.

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