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    ....via replacing battery. Tonight, I was replacing my almost depleted battery with a fully charged battery. I put the charged battery in, and as far as I know didn't hit any buttons accidentally, and the Palm screen came up as expected. However, at some point, the progress bar stopped and a screen I've never seen before popped up. To the best of my recollection, it was a white background and had a large Treo. Underneath in smaller red font it said something close to 'Update through USB?' and then 'Yes' and 'No' underneath that. I wasn't connected to my PC via USB or any other means, so I picked 'No'. After booting, I decided to try and reproduce this, but have not been able to. My phone is working fine and I haven't noticed anything wonky. Has anyone seen this screen and if so, what is it?
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    You probably had the side button pressed while putting the battery back in which started the procedure for flash update over usb. Easy to do if you are holding the phone sideways.
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    Ahh okay...that makes sense, especially with these sausages that I call fingers that I have. Thanks!!

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