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    I have been using Magic Button on my Treo 750 ever since I've owned it. I haven't seen anyone mention it on the TP forum. Is it not useful on the TP for some reason? I've always thought it was great and it has a tiny footprint.

    What do you guys think? Good for TP? Or not needed?

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    I use it, but the icons across the top are terribly small. I have to select them with a stylus, because my finger is just too big. Needs to be tweaked for the 320x320 screens.
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    I did on my 800W for a very short period of time and left it after playing with QuickMenu.
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    i still use Magic Button... not only is the quick menu annoying, but with Magic Button there is also a soft reset option in the settings menu. this makes it especially helpful since the reset button on the TP is under the battery door...
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    i installed the htc closing application software, runs well

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