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    My GPS has seem to stop working. Anyone have any clues?
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    Has your phone recently been shot or caught on fire? Have you tried a reset. Were you involved in a high speed chase when it went out? We need more facts...crystal balls are in short supply these days
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    Mine stopped working a week or so ago. I ended up doing a hard reset and restoring a backup and it is working fine now. I'm not sure why it stopped working. I think that I have reinstalled all the software that I had installed before, but it's working now.
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    Were you messing with the GPS settings? Play time in that arena has the potential of disabling GPS functionality.
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    one thing that happened to me once is i disabled in privacy settings to show my location... apparently the gps radio is tied to that setting. when i disabled it, the gps didn't work. enabled it and my gps worked again.

    so i guess there's no way to hide...

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