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    What is Palm's Special Sauce?

    Well, in Dieter's Round Robin thread, I had posted up a sampler of some of Palm's Special Sauce.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post a way I consider the Pro to be "half a Treo" when compared to the 800w. The reason is that the Pro lacks a lot of Palm's little tweaks, tips, and tricks.

    People will often ask me what these are, and honestly I have a hard time quantifying it. Part of that is I don't spend a lot of time away from my 700wx or 800w, but a larger part of it is that Palm's Special Sauce (as I like to call it ) is just so plain subtle that you know it's missing when you don't have it, but you can't place your finger on it.

    Just a handful of things that I've seen digging through the various ROM's and playing with different devices (not everything is a 800w <-> Pro comparison):

    • Numeric fields default to number (IE: PIN when unlocking the device)
    • Missing extra options/fields from various plugins/programs (IE: extra numbers on speed dialing).
    • Palm's threaded messaging with native MMS support for Sprint (granted, disabled initially, but the programming was done for it, just need to flip it on).
    • Numerous tweaks to help improve battery life.
    • Numerous tweaks to improve OS speed/stability that aren't included on many devices.
    • Today screen tweaks.
    • Today screen plugins (I personally love the way the lookup plugin works).
    • Various menu tweaks (such as the soft keys on the today screen).

    And the list goes on.

    There's plenty of stuff that Palm does that's just plain silly or useless (like the Maps program/plugin on the 800w....ugh). But it's that special sauce that I love.
    Now, clearly not everything here is portable. But the goal of this thread is to sauce the Treo Pro up. (Hah! I kill me!)


    Anyway, someone who's name shall not be mentioned decided I didn't have enough work on my plate, and started a thread that caught my eye. And so I decided to give this a shot.

    Now here's the catch. I don't have a Treo Pro. So until someone decides to send me one, I have no way of testing these out myself. So some of this is going to be shooting from the hip, as it were.

    This means that I'm going to be relying on your guys feedback to correct stuff. It also means that the first few releases will be kludgy, painful to install, and probably break stuff. It might also create a black hole that will end life as we know it, but I'll try and keep away from that.

    As I complete stuff I will try and post it up in the first post (or three), but as stuff is in development they will be posted in later posts.
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    Post reserved for future damage.
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    Okay, here's my first "release" (if one can even call this that).

    Palm's Special Sauce:
    Speed Dial. Should include picture speed dialing (natively) and an advanced tab with options such as additional buttons to dial.

    There are features in this that won't work without other special sauce items, such as ActiveCall.

    To install:
    Unzip the Speed file and drop all the files into \Windows\.
    Execute the Speed Dial

    To uninstall:
    Hard reset.


    You should be able to remove the files you added and uninstall the CAB file. (At least I hope....)
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    Palm's Special Sauce:

    Dial Lookup plugin. Really not that special, but it's like Pokemon, gotta have 'em all!

    Install/Uninstall should be the same as above.
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    Well I was going to try it but right off the file SpeedialDB already exists. So overwriting it makes going back problematic. Soooooo, I think I'm going to let someone braver and less technologically challenged to try it. Subscribing and standing by though!!!
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    Try it without overwriting Speeddialdb.dll. See if that works.
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    I would but frankly, after getting dangerously close to having to hard reset my phone because of chronic tweaking without knowing what I'm doing, I'm gunshy. Hopefully someone with more courage will take the plunge first. I've had to remove Ultimate Launch, Winterface and Kinoma. The latter seemed to cause unexplained lockups.
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    Well, considering that I'm building these blind here, I can't say I blame ya.
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    Hopefully someone with more time and a good backup will give it a whirl!
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    Guys, it's *REALLY* not that bad! I promise! Just try it without overwriting any files and you should be just fine. These two ones are kid stuff here.
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    I don't have my Pro yet, but as soon as the phone is in my hands, I'll install all the stuff.

    Thanks, dude!!!
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    I'll give it a bash later on today
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    Standing by!
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    I'll give it a shot when I get a chance today as well... remember that Sprite Backup is your friend!!

    Another for my main man: Ebag333

    I thought I could figure this out myself, but I'm trying to get the 320x320 optimized Astraware Sudoku program that comes with the 800w to work on the Pro. I have a fully licensed copy for the pro, but it appears to think I have a 320x240 landscape QVGA device. It fills the width but only 66% of the height of the screen.

    I tried to port the .exe, .dlls and registry enrties from the 800w, but the .exe file refuses to start up, so I must not know what I'm doing. Any ideas?
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    It's good you guys get this out of the way before us Sprint users pour in

    Hope it works. I want this stuff too.

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    The Dial Lookup plugin isn't working, maybe because the MS one is still enabled? Some of the registry settings are different from the ones on my Treo 750v so I've been experimenting changing them to match, so far it hasn't helped
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    Yeah, the Dial Lookup is the more complex one.

    I'm not sure what will happen if the MS one is enabled along with the Palm one.

    Can you give some details as to "isn't working"? Not showing up at all, not able to search....what exactly? Screenshots would be good too (if anything is even showing).
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    "Special Sauce"? Why?? Every time I've added a bunch of hacks to my Palm, it's ruined the device for the important stuff: Personal Information. KISS makes life manageable. Adding "special sauce" costs more in lost time and aggrevation that its worth.
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    Did the pic speed dial work? The Special Sauce was a nice touch and it worked fine in the WM environment. I'm not sure why palm left it out. I'm using the todayspeedial cab and it works ok but the pics are pretty small. Of course that's related to the 320x320 resolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Can you give some details as to "isn't working"? Not showing up at all, not able to search....what exactly?
    It's as if it's not there, i.e. nothing on the screen and when you start typing you get the normal WM6.1 contact search screen
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