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    TazUK, did the pic dial work?
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    Haven't tried that yet, wanted to deal with them one at a time
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    Quote Originally Posted by TazUk View Post
    It's as if it's not there, i.e. nothing on the screen and when you start typing you get the normal WM6.1 contact search screen
    Does it show up in the list of today plugins?
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    Neither worked for me. The dial lookup just didn't do anything. It did not show up on the plug in list.

    The speed dial doesn't appear to do anything and every time I try to go to the today items to look for it my phone completely freezes and needs a battery removal soft reset. The good new is that uninstalling the .cab got me back to the usable today items, so no hard reset was required
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    Hmmm...this would be much easier if I had a Treo Pro....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    It's good you guys get this out of the way before us Sprint users pour in

    Hope it works. I want this stuff too.
    EXACTLY, lol... Is there anyway to get the Palm Threaded SMS on there as well...
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    Yeah yeah, I'm working on it!

    Can't a guy even get a day off for Christmas?

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    Man am I glad to see you guys already on this... I am eagerly waiting for the treo pro (jan 25th??) also. I have convinced myself I need it because of the 800w volume issues (otherwise the 800w is working grrrrrrrreaaaaat!). The smaller form factor and bigger battery would be nice too. (Can you tell I am still trying to justify buying the TP?) Do you think your Real VGA cab will come over nicely?

    Anyway back on topic: Ebag, if I can help in any way let me know (I don't have a TP yet either so... but the offer is there). Last year, I was able to get the diallookup plugin to work on my VZ HTC Touch without the active call plugin... so that should be possible here too, I think -- The thing I remember is getting the right dlls (there were a handful floating around on the net and there were differences) -- I think I used the WM5 palm dlls on my Touch.
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    Ebag's RealVga works just dandy on the Pro.
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    Almost dandy....still need to release the slightly newer version which fixes a couple of minor things.


    WTB more hours in a day...
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    I installed real VGA on my Treo Pro on Nov. 6. I can vouch that it is a nice program and I think it enhances the Pro and I havenīt encountered any compatibility or issues affecting the functionality of the phone, with the exception of certain programs looking a bit distorted (e.g., phone dialer, comm manager buttons, sms buttons (which was fixed)). I think the pros outweigh the cons on Real VGA. Ebag has been instrumental in providing information on this wonderful program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azlarry View Post
    I've had to remove Ultimate Launch, Winterface and Kinoma. The latter seemed to cause unexplained lockups.
    If you ever see that again, we'd appreciate it if you could let us know.

    It's unlikely that Kinoma Play is the culprit (since it doesn't do any low-level OS hacking), but it's helpful to know about stuff that can cause problems.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Charles, I haven't had a lockup since I removed Kinoma freeplay. I'll download it again and try it. If it locks up again I'll let you know.
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    Man I am so waiting for this... I haven't had a great PDA phone since I gave up my 700w (which is still in service in my wife's hands). My office moved me to ATT and gave me a pro, however it's just not my 700w.

    Thanks for the work Ebag333, I look forward to installing it soon.
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    Is the 800w Palm Threaded SMS still being port to the pro still being worked on.

    thanx for all the cool stuff ebag
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    quick bump, i love the dial lookup on the 800, i want it on my pro now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treogangsta View Post
    Is the 800w Palm Threaded SMS still being port to the pro still being worked on.

    thanx for all the cool stuff ebag
    hannip is on it:
    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    I'm working on #7

    Porting the 800w sms to the Pro.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I liked the contact we previously had on the 800w on the today screen. Is there anyway to get that working on the pro.
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    i would love to help get some of the sauce on the treo pro.

    i need an 800w rom dump. i've searched everywhere. help
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    Has anyone tested these tweaks, to see fi they work on the Pro?
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