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    What free alternatives are there for Googlemaps? Anyone?

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    MS's Live Search.
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    Thank you Ebag... I tried MS Live Search yesterday. For mapping, I still prefer Googlemaps I guess. The MSLS interface doesn't seem so intuitive and provides a little less info on the map display while moving from one turn to the next (i.e. no mileage listed). I know you can switch back to the text view to get this.

    The reason I asked is because with the latest version of Googlemaps it is harder for me to read the instructions. They seem to be smaller and lighter in the text box on the map. Changing phone text size doesn't make any noticeable difference. But I can still read it. I guess I'll stick with Googlemaps.

    I will admit that the new mobile Googlemaps ability to go to street view is pretty nice. I use this a lot in my work (IT Consultant) traveling from job to job. It's nice to see a picture of the building you're looking for. Especially when the traffic is bad and it's hard to see the numbers on buildings.

    Still open to any other suggestions...


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