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    I don't know if this can be done or not but i am willing to try . i want to build a SD card with an attached USB plug to connect a thumb drive and use it like a external drive or in this case a extra storage to store movies and watch them on the phone. why you might as... well i have a surplus of thumb drives ranging from 256mb to 8gig and i don't want to spend more money on a SD card when i have all these drives.
    Can this be done?? and if so does anybody have an internal diagram of the treo? circuit boards and such?
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    Wasting your time going that way... Your best bet is to plug it into the data port which is USB and figure out a way to make it work..

    But good luck with that one since I have not heard of anyone trying that...

    Should be as simple as hooking a data cable to the phone since it IS a USB cable. The cable its self is USB, the driver etc is actually in the phone to run it so it should be a simple cable and you would have to find someone to write a driver for it..


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