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    I loaded mortscript to try out some of these cool changes you guy's posted . I noticed some thing really strange. Before Mortscript I was getting 12 - 16 hrs battery life, easy. After I installed it I was getting less than 8hrs. I didn't use it to change anything, just installed the base program. After I uninstalled it back to 12-16 hrs of battery life. Anyone experience this. Ant help would be appreciated. Peace Robbswat
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    What is mortscript running exactly? I.e. what scripts?

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    I just pinpointed battery life problems to the same issue. I did a hard reset, and installed Treo Alerts, which has mortscript. Phone would come off the charger at 5pm when I left work, and at 7am the next morning when I was leaving to go back to work, battery would be at ~16%.

    I removed TA (thus removing mortscript) and now the battery is at ~66% the next morning. I had all TA functions disabled and was using it purely for resetting the sms count on dismiss.

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