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    I recently came across this free WM program that can be used for GPS tracking.

    It looks really cool and can do realtime tracking w/GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps, generates KML and GPX files, etc.

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to work fully on my Treo 800w. The installation works fine, but I'm not able to connect to any satellites.

    With the TrackMe's default source settings (port COM4/4800 Baud), I get the error "Unable to open port COM4". If I change the port to COM3 (or one or two other port options), the status states "Waiting for GPS response. . ." and doesn't progress beyond that.

    My phone's GPS settings are:
    GPS program port: GPD1
    GPS hardware port: Internal GPS device
    Access: WM manages GPS automatically

    I've never needed to modify these settings before, and my other GPS software is working (GoogleMaps, MS Live Search) w/out problem. However, I did try the demo version of BeeLineGPS, and it wasn't able to autodetect my GPS settings, either.

    I already inquired w/the developer, and he wasn't able to come up w/much besides trying Port Splitter, and that didn't work either. Any suggestions on settings that I should modify or has anyone been able to get this to work on their Treo?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    have you tried using GPSGate to 'prime' the GPS?

    I was a former Touch user, and used AstroGPSLauncher to prime it on the Touch, but I know that doesn't work on the 800w. I read the Tom Tom thread here and noticed that folks are using GPSGate to prime it for Tom Tom.
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    You probably need to use GPS gate.
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    GPSGate did it . . . one of the entries for the program's FAQ mentioned it, but I preferred to have some validation from actual 800w users first. It's a great little program, but as all things GPS, it kills the battery. It has a few 'advanced' settings to help w/battery life, but it's all relative.


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