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    I recently bought a Centro w/ a new Verizon contract and I absolutely love it. I went looking to get my sister (who is already under contract) a used Centro. Why are used 700wx models ($100) consistently cheaper than the used Centros ($150) when Verizon was going to charge me $300 for a new 700wx with contract and my Centro w/ contract was only $100? Is it size/weight? Operating system stability?

    Second question. My brothers have newer 500MHz WM6 phones. Are there instances where the 300MHz processor of the 700wx affects daily usage and you wish there was a faster processor? I am more comfortable with the 700wx because of its loyal following. Affordability and an active user community are more important to me than latest and greatest.

    Thanks for any insight!
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    700wx are probably cheaper because they are no longer made and are out of stock at the "home" venders. There is NOTHING wrong with this phone and works quite well. The Centro is a newer phone, still available and is a different operating system.

    I saw 700wx's as low as $65 on Ebay... Not sure if they were clean though but worth a look.

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    when did they stop making 700wx?
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    My understanding is that the 700wx has been replaced with the 800w and the 800w is potentially replaced by the Pro on the Sprint Networks.

    Not sure about other networks but my understanding was they 700wx was no longer in production and to be replaced with the Treo Pro on other networks. The 700wx Verison model was recently updated to the 6.0 ROM to carry over until they got the next phone. Since the 800w never came out for Verizon there are some that speculate they will have the Pro available soon.

    All I know is atleast for the sprint network the 700wx is no longer available. If you need a replacement phone they will give you a new one if they have one in stock but generally they are passing out referbed phones now. (I got a replacement 700wx about a month ago that was a referb)
    Some people have mentioned they have started to receive 800w phones on the sprint network when replacing their 700wx..

    If the 700wx is not totally dead yet it soon will be..


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