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    Does anyone know of a way to stop Poutlook from deleting emails in your inbox when you hit the send receive button?

    I'm using gmail and it deletes my emails regardless of whether or not they've been read.

    Weird thing is that it doesn't send them to the deleted items folder.

    Its annoying... any help?
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    someone has to know of a fix?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPapaGato View Post
    someone has to know of a fix?
    It sounds like you setup your connection to GMail as a POP3 not as a IMAP connections. POP3 connections will "dump" all the emails from your GMail box to your handheld. In the GMail settings reconfigure connections for IMAP. Do this on bot the GMail account and your handheld. It will then function as expected, and Synchonize as opposed to "dump". Let me know the results.
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    did this work for ya?

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