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    So the other day engadget had an article talking about improvements to the windows mobile live application. Naturally I did some digging and found the most recent cab file and installed it.

    Long story short, I didn't find any use for any of the "new" features, and didn't see much improvement or competition for my other applications in the same area of operation, so I stopped using it.

    Ever since I installed this new version, my "Post to service" option when looking at a picture is now going straight into Windows Live. If Live is configured properly, then it tries to send the picture to my "Live Space" (Same thing as the "Send to Space" option on the context menu) So it appears as though the "Post to Service" and "Send to space" are now both performing the same task. "Post to service" no longer brings up the PictureMail options allowing me to select online albums, facebook, photobucket, etc. "Post to service" still works correctly for video files, allowing me to upload to Youtube, but I have lost all functionality on images, which I use much more than videos.

    I tried uninstalling the lates Windows Live, but now the "Post to Service" is simply reverting to the original Windows Live that is in the ROM of the device, still not "PictureMail"

    Any ideas for how to get my old functionality back?
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    I guess this means you didn't run a backup before installing that new version?
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    not one recent enough to want to go back to for this problem. I still have Skybook for upload to facebook, and I don't even use that very often. I'd just like to get the functionality back.
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    Well, one option is to backup what you have now. (Then hard reset.) Restore the backup you did before making the changes. Try and find whatever files you feel are related to the application you "updated". Copy those files to your PC and maybe see how the registry settings look too.

    (Then hard reset.) Then restore the backup you make today and try seeing what happens if you copy the files from your PC and adjusting related registry settings.

    An ugly process, but what do you have to lose?

    Hopefully someone can provide you a better option.

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