View Poll Results: Do you post and reply to threads on your 800w or computer?

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  • 800w

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  • Computer

    7 70.00%
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    I am curious do you read and post on the forums with your smartphone or the computer?

    I read and post over 99% on my Treo 800w and am creating this thread on it now.

    I did the same on my 700wx but the 3 months I had a touch I found my self reading posts on it but using the computer to reply due to the on screen keyboard.

    I do think the 700wx keyboard was better than the 800w, keys were raised more.
    The space on the 800w is higher than the vbn keys and I tend to hit space instead of the letter. Other than that I can type pretty fast on the 800w.
    Still waiting for Hitachi to reintroduce the G1000 with a VGA screen and more memory. I still miss that crash prone beauty.
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    I mostly post from my computer, but that's simply because I have access to it.

    When I don't I use my 800w (often in conjunction with my Redfly). I find posting from my Redfly just as easy as using my computer, and the 800w's not that much slower than using my computer.

    I do like the way the 800w's keyboard feels compared to the 700wx's.

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