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    I just moved from Palm OS to WinMo, and I need some suggestions for software to replace some specific items I used on my 700p:

    2day - looking for something with a good week view that shows all of the appointments for each day in text form, not just blocks of time.

    4cast - I'm currently trying Weatherpanel. Seems pretty close. Anything better?

    TakePhone - Any way to speed up access to contacts when pushing the phone hard key?

    ksDatebook - only used it for the month view, but really liked being able to see text list of appointments on each day of the month. Makes it much easier to pick a good day for a meeting when I can read what appointments are on each day, rather than just seeing a box indicating that I have something scheduled.

    tryda - any options?

    Other suggestions?

    Overall, I am really happy with the expanded capabilities of WinMo (mostly on the hardware side). Now I just need to gain back some quickness of use.
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