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    I'm enjoying it but sometimes when I try to slide, it brings up my email inbox (hotmail)

    then i exit and it goes back to the slide to unlock thing... so i have to carefully make sure i slide it rather than just casually slide to unlock it haha

    and the slide to answer stuff I'm assuming does not work?
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    There's another thread in this forum on s2u2. Some people have successfully gotten it working on the 800...others haven't. I gave up - it kept locking my device up.
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    I use slide2unlock pro, which is different from s2u2. It works, but I only use the unlock feature. I don't think the caller id or slide2answer features work on the 800w, so I use iCaller. There is a slight, infrequent glitch when using slide2unlock pro with iCaller, but it's tolerable to me.
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    kept getting lockups and it kept turning my mic/speaker off after 20 seconds while in calls, so I gave up. Stock keylocker is the best on the battery and system stability anyways.

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