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    The newest Agendeus is fine. Does anyone know if there is a way to use the d-pad to move from day to day?
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    Bump! I'm thinking about getting a Treo Pro. I haven't used Agendus for quite some time on my 800w cause it kept crashing it. What the latest version of Agendus for WM?
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    Groovy. Wondering if there has been any updates since then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    So how's 3.4 working out for everybody?
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    Not well.

    I've been a happy Agendus user on PalmOS for years (latterly on a Centro) and naively assumed that if I got a Treo Pro and put Agendus on it the experience would be (almost) the same. I did this earlier today, and I've found this thread as I'm now looking for an alternative to Agendus!

    I don't know what they've used to write/port the WM version, but it hasn't worked. Lots of screen 'real estate' is wasted bith big buttons and title bars. Although the Pro and Centro have the same screen resolution, there is far less information on any given screen in the WM version. Other basic issues like labels not fitting on buttons, fields overlapping etc

    Other fundamental things (to my mind) aren't there. You can't cycle through views by repeatedly pressing a hard key, far fewer options for viewing and sorting views; tasks and Agenda views particularly.

    So all in all, I've gone from assuming that I would simply stick it onto the Pro and carrying on as before, to looking for an alternative, in the space of six hours.
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    I LOVED Agendus on Palm for a good 7 years. Still think its the best PIM app out there. WinMo version, not so much. There are great alternatives though. My favorite two are AgendaOne and Pocket Informant. I am using Pocket Informant now since it has a lot more features, just a little bit of a learning curve. Very happy with either on though on the Treo Pro. SBSH Calendar Touch is a close 3rd as well.
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