I've searched and seen many questions and some great answers on Active Sync (but not my situation). I'm trying to figure out if I've got a problem or if this is a "feature".

I'm using Active Sync (the latest, new Treo Pro and downloaded current version) with Exchange Server for wireless sync of all it allows. I need to use the USB to sync Notes, Files & someday to install programs. When I connect the USB Sync starts immediately and just continues. I only have about 12 files and 150 notes. After an hour of it continuously syncing, I tried to stop it. After another half hour of it still syncing, I just disconnected the two.

It seems to sync the files and notes, but I have no idea when the sync has actually completed since it just keeps going. (Irritating since I don't know if I can edit any of those files while all this is happening.)

1) Is this normal for AS? (Both the non-stop syncing and not stopping when told to)
2) Short of creating phantom servers, etc. is there some way to not have the sync start automatically or keep going? (Realize that all the options are not available when it's syncing and the only other status I can have is disconnected - also no options available then)
3) Any idea if I eliminate the notes (and put them in a word doc that's synced) if it would change the behavior? With no ability to organize my notes, it doesn't make a lot of sense to keep using them.