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    For the last few days, each time I use Internet Explorer on my TreoPro it freezes up. Usually I might get one page to load, but if I click a link to another page... it freezes after loading about 1/2 the page. The only way to free it is to reset the device. I have used the reset button and I have removed the battery. Either way, after the reboot, it freezes the next time I use IE. I've also noticed that Opera is running slower since this problem began. I don't use Skyfire that much and not since this problem began.

    My Treo Pro is loaded with Factory applications plus SPB Mobile Shell, MagicKB Lite, Opera 9.5 beta, Skyfire, InfoSafe, MyMobiler, PDANet & SmartTweak. The latest application is SmartTweak.
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    Did you move the cache to your storage card (tweak or registry edit)? If so, try moving it back to the device.
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    Yep, that was it. SmartTweaker allows you to move your Internet Cache to the memory card. I did, thinking I'd free up system memory - so why not. Anyhow, thanks!

    BTW, does anyone know if a faster rated microSD might eliminate what I experienced? Mine is a 2, but I know that they go to 6.

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