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    I have successfully installed the HTC HOME Theme as found at here on (I dont post much, so I cant add a link - just search for HTC Home Plugin and it is under the Treo 700w/wx forum) and it looks nice. I am working on posting some screenshots, but have a need for expert help.

    Everthing seems to work as it should including the weather tab and quick launcher. The only problem seems to be in the height of the tabs. I thought that the width of the TP resolution would come into play, but it centers up nicely! The email/text/missed calls tabs are about 3-5 pixels too short and I cant find a place to change them!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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    screenshot added... still cant figure this out
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    I followed this:

    Everything fits and you get all the tabs, but unfortunately I can't seem to get rid of some of the tabs I don't use (I think it's because this DLL isn't patched). If you're okay with having all the tabs, then this works.
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    thanks, this works much better! I dont mind the six-tabs over the normal 3, but I have another problem now...

    the weather tab has no entries for cities. I have added the registry values but it will not update. any ideas? is there another xml around that will fix this?
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    okay, a major problem occurs with this setup... incoming calls do not ring! i checked all settings, but it still doesnt work! there is probably a fix laying around somewhere, but i didnt have the time to look. just an fyi to anyone that plans on using this!
    Fix it 'til it's broke!
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