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    I'm currently using the 750 and wish to upgrade to the pro.

    Problem is shipping to Canada. I've noticed Palm won't do it, and neither will or treocentral store.

    Is there any where you guys would recommend that I could get one for a decent price? I've seen a couple on ebay but would like to check other places too.

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    How about Dell has lots of coupons posted if you look around.
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    Cool thanks that Negrielelectronics looks pretty cool!

    Unfortunately I can't order from as we have in Canada and they don't carry the Treo Pro on the Canadian side.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    It's to bad you can't get one from Dell. That's where I got mine and they were great about replacing it with a new unit when I noticed it cracked. I would recommend buying it from Dell over anywhere else for those in the US.
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