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    I'm thinking about taking the plunge and trying either SPB Mobile Shell or Ultimate Launch.

    Does either support pic dialing like today speedial and Weather pannel? I tried Ultimate Launch but couldn't get my pic dialing to work. Can I incorporate my pic dialing in SPB Mobile Shell and also keep using WP?
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    Have you tried Winterface? It includes a Weather app too.
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    Does it include pic dialing or can it incorporate the Todayspeedial plugin?
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    You can put buttons for programs, files, favorites and contacts anywhere you want. If you push a contact button, you'll get access to call, email, sms, etc. for that person.

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    Looks pretty nice Ovan, is the slide to unlock optional?
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    Quote Originally Posted by azlarry View Post
    Looks pretty nice Ovan, is the slide to unlock optional?
    It's included.

    ps: I have no affiliation with Vito/Winterface, just a happy user so far...
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    Ovan, what skin are you using for Winterface?
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    None, those black buttons are the default ones. I quite like it that way so far.
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    oVan, one more question before I pull the trigger. Do the softkey functions, contacts and internet stay the same using Winterface?
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    The softkeys are not changed by Winterface. Anyway, no matter what software changes your softkeys, you can always change them back with Advanced Config ;-)

    ps: you can install a trial version of Winterface before deciding to buy it...
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    oVan, installed Winterface and it was very buggy. 1st, I installed it on my storage card. Is that a problem? When I did, my softkeys vanished. The slider wasn't there unless I locked the keys and put the phone in screensaver mode. I removed the program and will wait to see if I did anything wrong. The documentation is weak and nothing works like it's supposed to. The whole drawing the V did nothng. I may try re-installing to the device but before I do, isn't this supposed to replace the old today screen? Because when I hit the ok button, my old today screen came up with Winterface scrunched up as a today screen item. Their web site has no info either. To make matters worse, I payed for the program. Not a big deal but am sorry I didn't try the free trial. Your screenshots looked so good I pulled the trigger before I tried it.
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    I just noticed the softkeys don't show up in your screen shots either.??
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    Ah but you need more info apparently.
    * No matter what program you install on your device, a push of the ok button will minimize the active program, and if that is the last one then it will reveal the Today screen. That's the way Windows Mobile works. Not a big deal, in fact it's very logical and I like it that way.
    * You can easily switch back to Winterface with that big button on the Today screen. You don't need to use a gesture for that.
    * So when you launch a program from within Winterface, and you're done with that program, press Ok and Winterface will be back. If you then press Ok again you minimize Winterface and reveal the Today screen.
    * With the Softkeys, I thought you meant the softkeys on the Today screen, since that is the only place you actually have softkeys. You don't need softkeys in Winterface, you can put the same programs as a button on the bottom row of your Winterface.
    * Finally, it is absolutely crucial (and few people realize this) that any program that installs as a Today-plugin or is constantly running - like a shell replacement (Winterface, Spb Mobile Shell, ...) - must be installed on the device and not on the storage card. You'll get slow performance at best, or buggy behavior in many cases when you install to storage card, since that is a removable medium and thus behaves differently than built-in device memory.

    Hope this helps a bit, and I'm sorry that you feel so negative about it. Give it a second chance by installing to the device, and try to accept the Today-screen concept. If things are still not clear, give a shout!
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    OK, trying again and I think I'm starting to get it. One question, how the heck do I get a contact off if I get it on twice? I go back to the add screen and the double entries are not checked.
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    OK!!!!! I can't tell you how helpful your post was!!! I didn't "get it" and now I do and am having fun with it!! Funny how iphone like the edit screen is. Thanks oVan, I almost gave up on it!
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    You're welcome, we're here to help each other. It took me a while to adapt to Winterface too. In fact, after having run the trial version on my HTC Trinity before, I returned to my old beloved Spb Mobile Shell.
    But since switching to the Treo Pro and running it in RealVGA doesn't work with Spb Mobile Shell, I was looking for an alternative. I think I've tried most of them (Manila2D, PhoneAlarm, etc) but they either didn't work as I want, or had ugly skins and were difficult to operate/configure.
    That's where the beaty of Winterface comes in. They've got the basics all right and that's when you start using it. I'm now test running other software of Vito (funcontact, sms-chat) so that I can review it later on, and again they've got things right. All their soft runs like Winterface, big easy buttons and simple interface.
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    I noticed on your review that a battery drain issue had been resolved. My phone drained almost 50% today while just sitting on the counter. I've removed Winterface and will see if the problem goes away. I also noticed after going back to my old Today screen my Bluetooth was on, and I don't even have a BT device. Odd, and that would explain the battery drain.

    The other thing is the Winterface screen is very hard to read outside compared to my old Today screen. It was worth a look but I'm afraid it's not going to work out for me.

    Maybe when Touchflow gets a more user friendly install I'll give that a try.

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