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    It's kind of annoying to have programs running in the background that I'm obviously not using....

    is there a program that just closes out the program when I exit it?

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    There are tons of apps out there that provide the functionality you're seeking.

    My personal favorite is tMan. Many others speak of a program called QuickMenu.
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    I just use Microsft Task Manager. It works great.
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    Used QuickMenu to create "close all" shortcut and added that to a icon in Ultimate launcher and pressing/touching that icon closes all running programs.
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    I just use a mortscript mapped to a keystoke to kill the program. Here's mine "Close(ActiveWindow())"

    If you're interested, I wrote some other little mortscripts and posted them on my blog @
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    bkdude... how do you create this shortcut? I can't find the command anywhere in ultimatelaunch
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    The shortcut (.lnk) was created in Quickmenu and not in UL. In UL, I assigned this shortcut as command for one the icons. This works fine for me since I use QuickMenu anyway.
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    closing the apps has just become a reflex to me. hold down the ok button for two seconds....close...close...close

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