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    Is the Treo Pro HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) compatible? I found this spec info on the Treo Pro's chipset supporting this but this is not mentioned in Palm's Official Treo Pro specs.
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    I believe HSUPA is enabled by a change (software?) on the Carrier's end. But I'm not sure so hopefully there's an expert out there who'll weigh in.
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    HSUPA is the silent partner of HSDPA.
    As with most internet connections, the providers will cut into that.

    My Vodafone NL account has 3.6mbps down and 384kbps up.
    In my opinion, it's HSUPA+HSDPA squeezed down to provider's specs.

    Some other providers have 7.2/1.4mbps.
    And they will usually cut the speed if you are slurping to much bandwidth.

    As jwebb56 said; it's all in the hands of the almighty accounting department of your provider. Whatever speed you get, it's probably HSUPA anyway.
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    I wonder that even if the TP was HSUPA, would at&t 3G would support the technology? as far as I know at&t only supports HSDPA or up to 3.6Mbps data speeds.
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    AT&T is already rolling out HSUPA.
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    imho only HSDPA is advertised.
    Of course it will come with its counterpart HSUPA, only the marketing department will keep that term out of the spotlight to hide how much they're squeezing me.

    just my 2 €cents.

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