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    I have a problem with my TP keyguard function as I have set the keyguard under the "Auto-Keyguard" applet to shut off after 5 seconds from pressing the "end", "red buttom". No matter what I do, once I press the red "end" buttom it will immediately lock the keyguard and it does not give those 5 seconds buffer in case I want to continue using the device.

    This is very annoying b/c If for example I pess the red buttom to come back to the home screen, it will lock my TP instead.

    Has anyone experience this same issue? And if so, is there a fix for this?
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    My TP doesn't lock by pressing the end button if I am in an application, it just brings it back to the home screen.

    It locks with the end button if I am at the home screen.
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    You've misinterpreted that 5 second delay. It means that if you suspend your device or when it goes into standby automatically, and you power it up with the red key within 5 seconds, then it won't be locked.
    This is handy when you're walking in a supermarket with your shopping list in a note opened, and the device powers off... you quickly press the red key and you're back at your list.
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    I know that very well, been a former Palm OS Treo user (Treo 650), it also had the keyguard function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chestvrg View Post
    I know that very well, been a former Palm OS Treo user (Treo 650), it also had the keyguard function.
    Ok, I read your original message differently

    When I'm not at the Today screen, one little push on the red button gives me the today screen. If I push the red button on the today screen, it will immediately lock. If I want to lock the TP without leaving the active app, I push red until it locks.

    I believe that's how it's designed to be.

    Are you locking the device from within in app just by shortly pressing the red button?
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    Opt-End (red phone key) also should lock the screen without leaving the app.

    There's a reg key to disable this functionality....."End key as home key" I believe it is....

    It's in the 800w's reg key thread.
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    Thank you guys for all of your help!
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    800w reg key doesn't work on the pro but as ovan said, press and hold of red end key locks the pro on the currently open app.
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    the keyguard function for turning on 5 secs after does work if you press the top button and should work if the device turns off on it's own after x time

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