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    Do you use Pocket Express? Spd Insight? Others? I am currently using Pocket Express and I like the use of the today screen with news, stocks and weather but also looking for a sports updates on my today screen. What is everyone else using?
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    I use PIE.

    If you would like some links, I will be happy to provide them.
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    I use PIE as well. Mainly I use the online Google Reader to keep up with rss news feeds. I haven't really felt the need for a separate program.
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    Pocket sports and stock center
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    viigo is a great program
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    I use

    And if I did stocks, I would try TickerTape (Freeware).

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    Thanks for the link to mobile Drudge. I forgot about that one!
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    hehe, np

    I have such a love/hate thing with Drudge. He's like the NY Post, lol.

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