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    when i click programs i see all my programs in the main screen..unlike how there is a games folder and an office mobile do i make new folders and put program shortcuts all there instead of just having on big mess when i hit starts > programs
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    Launcher X for WM, a menu/launch application from the world of the Palm OS is in beta. It does tabs. In addition, there are bunches of applications that customize the entire appearance of the device. I use Quick Menu at this time - it provides for expanding menus.
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    Another approach, that doesn't require any third party software is to use built-in File Explorer on the Treo to create a new folder or folders within Windows/Start Menu/Programs. Name that new folder something like "Other Programs". Then cut and paste the shortcuts from Programs to Programs/Other Programs. It is easiest to cut and paste by connecting the Treo to your PC and using Windows Explorer on your PC.
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    That is what I have done. I have a folder called Work that has utilities in it. Being a Documents to Go user, it creates its own folder. So, what I have done with it: move the DTG files in to the Office folder. It reduces visual clutter.

    Also right on with doing it via the PC and Active Stynk.

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