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    i have 2 email accounts. 1 yahoo plus & the other a gmail account. I have schedule the yahoo to poll every 4 hours & the gmail every 2. But everytime I look @ my phone the EVD0 arrows are solid. Then I go to my email & I see that its polling.

    Why does it do that? I have the setting set in "account settings" and the box checked in "delivery preferences".

    I already have Shapp's Advanced Config Tool with the Internet Connections settings set to disconnect after 2 minutes.

    The 800's battery life sucks already. Does anyone know of a fix?
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    Disconnecting the network often will reduce battery life, as every time something polls/connects/etc then you have to reconnect.

    Trust me on this one, I argued on the opposite side (for disconnecting) long and hard until I tested it for myself. It's true.

    As for your e-mail polling, sounds like something might be triggering it. How do you know it's actually polling?
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    As per the battery, I started using GPStool to disable GPS. Search the forums for it, it helped drastically.

    Also get the higher capacity battery from Seido.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bronx889 View Post
    I have the setting set in "account settings" and the box checked in "delivery preferences"....Does anyone know of a fix?
    Yes, all you have to do is just use one or the other setting. If you use them both it will poll twice as often.
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