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    The only bad reviews i read about this headset is that its not 6.1 compatible as far as windows 6.1 and that's making it pointless for smartphone users in a sense lol...anyone using this or does this only apply to upgrade 6.1 or whats the deal? Hows sound quality considering treo has a built in buzzing sound
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    I just turned in my crappy Blueant V1 for a Jawbone 2 and love it. Everyone can hear me, I can hear everyone. Works just fine with my 800w. I haven't tried voice command on it, but I really don't care for that feature anyway since you may get the right response 30% of the time.
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    my jawbone 2 works great with my 800w as well. voice command can be a little tricky but i have found that to be true with my moto t505 as well.
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    I have the original Jawbone and works great with my 800W
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    Mine works great

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