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    I have a Verizon 700w, and have recently had a memory problem on it. Yes, I know that is common, but this one is wierd...
    I have close to 0MB of storage memory, so when I deleted a large video file (4.3MB) I checked the storage level, and it went up to 4.3MB, excellent!
    Then, to my amazement (and horror) I watched as it clicked right back down to 0!!! It took about 1 minute, but I was right back to 0. So I tried another large picture, (1.5MB) and it did the same thing! What is going on? It is pointless for me to delete anything else...
    My computer was recently stolen, and every contact in my life is in my Treo. Right now, it won't even sync, because there is no memory, and I have no way to get my contact info out.
    HELP!!! I have been working on this for 2 days and need some help before I put it and myself out of my misery...
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    Something is filling up your device. What programs are installed/running?

    This thread can help you troubleshoot:

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