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    I have power on external set to shut off after 1 minute. it _never_ does. no matter how long i wait the screen doesnt power off. The dim function works but not the power function.

    any ideas?
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    Actually, I'm not sure what 'On external power' means. I have mine set to 10 minutes but whenever I put the Pro on charge, it seems to power off after 3 mins, which is the setting for 'On battery power'.

    When do you use yours 'On external power'?
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    external power means plugged into a charger.

    maybe they broke it and reversed them?

    ill do some testing.
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    nadda.. neither option works.
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    Didn't work with my Treo 750 either. No idea what the zen of this bug is.
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    Anyone recreated this after a hard reset?
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    yes, this is after a hard reset
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    The 800w has a similar issue, but not to this extend. Sound like a legitimate bug.
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    Mine will sometimes not shut off on battery power. Really annoying.
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    Btw, is there a shortcut app/utility to Suspend/poweroff the Treo Pro?
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    you can use poweroff..

    get attached file.
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    Could be a 3rd party software conflict?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetluva View Post
    Could be a 3rd party software conflict?
    That's why I asked if it happened after a hard reset.

    If it happens immediately after a hard reset with nothing else installed, then it's not a 3rd party software conflict.
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    sometimes when I hit the power button to turn the phone on, the charging symbol is there and then switches to the battery symbol. For some reason my phone thinks it's charging sometimes when it's not. Maybe you're having similar issues.
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    I also have the same problem. My phone will not fully charge becasue of this
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    Not sure if this works when using the wall charger. I just turned off automatic syncing on my phone and plugged it in to my laptop to charge. This time i hit the on/off button once and the screen turned off. I do not have a wall charger to try this on. This will also work if automatic syncing is enabled

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