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    I carried my 700 in my jeans pocket and the case was mauled my my keys. The case looked like it had been beat up and walked on. I am looking for a sleek thin clean metal case for my new 800W that will easily slip in and out of my jeans pocket on the weekends and possibly be taken on and off for when I'm at work since I carry my Treo in a leather carrying case on my belt during the week. I've seen some hard skin cases but I would think they would make it harder to get in and out of a pocket.

    Has anyone got any ideas on where I might try.

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    Sorry to say, but no metal cases exist up to this point. Your options are either a plastic case or a silicone one. Seidio makes some very nice options; probably the most premium available right now (and you pay for it).

    Personally, I went with a silicone case that covers the front directional buttons because they see a lot of action.


    Sorry, I stand corrected. I found a metal one here:

    and here...
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