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    What is MortScrip? I installed it on my phone to get the new VGA res. but I don't know how to use it, or how to install a .cab file.
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    I think the opening of the manual explains it best. Where it starts with "What is MortScript?" on page 5.
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    Well, I do kinda have an idea what the program's purpose really is, but i still don't know how to install a cab file or a script. For example, I downloaded the VGA .cab program, and I know I have to install it using Mort, but when I run VGA, all I get is a big code, and don't know what to do with it.
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    To install a CAB:

    Place CAB onto device (download directly on the device, transfer via Micro SD card, or transfer via ActiveSync).

    With File Manager (or another program of your choice, such as Total Commander) browse to the location of the CAB. Run the file (generally by clicking on it).

    To install a script simply save it to a location, then click on it to run it.

    If you're still not sure, here's a pictorial walk-through. Found by searching Google for "How to install a cab file" (first link).

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