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    Hi all

    I used a Treo 650 in the past and after two years, replaced it with an iPhone on day one of their existence 1.5 years ago. As you know, the iPhone has many limitations. I am so bored with the iPhone and am thinking of getting a new 800w with Sprint.

    Does Sprint allow MMS messages on this phone? I know they don't support MMS with BlackBerrys.

    Also, can someone post a few examples of picture quality on this phone? I know on the old 650 that the quality wasn't too bad and as long as it's not any worse, it won't bother me all that much.

    Thanks for the help!
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    No the 800w does not support MMS. There are a couple of programs that allow you use it, one from Sprint itself. But they don't work the way the real MMS does.

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    Careful with suggesting the iPhone is limited, you'll bring the fanboys down on you.

    Just as a reference, I've gone from the 650 to the 700wx to the 800w.

    As far as MMS goes, Sprint released their program that enables MMS in Pocket Outlook. Personally I don't care for it, it's cumbersome and not a clean method of doing it. It works though.

    You can also use a few 3rd party programs like sMMS and Arcsoft.

    The cleanest/best way, in my opinion, is to enable MMS in Palm's threaded messaging app.

    I don't have any sample pictures from the camera, but the quality is better than the 700wx (which I thought was a bit better than the 650). It's not replacing my Nikon D50 by any stretch of the imagination, but it works if you need it.

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