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    I had been using Agendus for Palm OS on my 755p and when I moved to the 800 the Agendus for Win Mobile it just doesn't look the same. Some aspects of it are fine.

    I am a college/high school basketball official and with the Palm OS version I could look at the icon month view and know exactly what conferences I was working. I purchased one of the Iambic icon expansion sets and took the basketball icon and modified it.

    In the Win Mobile version the icons in the month view are too small to view and sometimes the icons separated by a white line for some reason making them even more unreadable.

    I tried the most popular PIM applications for Win Mobile like Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant but their icon month views don't allow me to modify icons. Pocket Informant was close. If I am wrong and anyone has had success with Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant and please let me know.

    But I finally installed StyleTap and reinstall the Palm OS version of Agendus on my 800w and all is well accept it doesn't see my calendar info at all.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Below is what Agendus in Palm OS looked like.
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    I don't think Agendus, or any other app within styletap, can see/interact with files outside the emulator - meaning, the Windows Mobile calendar.

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