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    Hi all, does anyone know if Palm would provide a replacement battery cover for the device? Mine has developed some very minor scratches despite my babying it. It is naked and I keep it in my pocket, but my keys and any other sharp objects are ALWAYS in a separate pocket, and I NEVER let it slide around on any surface. It's usually kept on a pillow.

    Anyway, I'd like to get a replacement battery cover and was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Palm would sell me one.

    I'm planning on putting a BodyGuardz skin on it, as I love the way the device looks and want to be able to enjoy it (my 650 and 750 were always kept in silicone skins so I never really got to enjoy a naked device). Does anyone know if the BodyGuardz skins are thin enough to use with the cradle, or do they make it impossible to put the device in it?

    I'm VERY happy I switched to this device after a few weeks with the Samsung Epix (AT&T-branded SGH-i905). What a nightmare that device was. As a business user, I'd much rather have a "bare-bones" Windows Mobile ROM rather than having the device full of vendor-specific customizations/apps. The HTC task manager is a very nice addition, though.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You cannot use the cradle with any skin. The clearance is too tight.
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    I use the CaseMate Clear Armor for the back of my Treo Pro and it has protected it from any scratches and over time looks better (bubbles subside with time). I use the Palm craddle for synching and charging and it fits ok, a bit snug at first but will adjust over time without a problem. I have had the skin on for a month and I can tell you that it adds a better grip to the phone and it is not as much a fingerprint magnet as the Pro without a skin. I did remove the skin from the screen as I thought it lost some resolution and clarity and didn't look as good without it. A rep at Palm told me a skin on the screen is not necessary since it has a protective ant-scratch coat. I am not buying that so I try to be extremely careful. The skin on the back has definitely reduced the slippery feel of the phone.

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