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    hello all:

    After a hard reset it seems my signal strength is completely shot. When my phone is 'off'(not powered down but 'off') I can't receive a call on two bars. But when my today screen is lit up, I can receive a call. What could I do about this?

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    Tried hard resetting again?
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    Yea I did the hard reset again just now. and for whatever reason its still acting up. I did a pound pound debug pound pound and it says my 1x setting for rssi is at -91 and for evdo setting it's signal strength 115.

    I use to be fine, I could make and place calls at will in my house. I had some software issues with Magicall so I did a few hard resets, and now my phone is acting up. I'll call someone and it'll ring twice then it'll automatically hang up on me.

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