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    Hello fellow treo users!

    I recently loaded opera mobile 9.5 on my treo pro and set it to be the default browser. I noticed that the right soft key which of course is the internet key is set still to open IE. Is there a way to link this to go to Opera instead. The google search from the today screen also pulls up IE. I would like that to use Opera as well.

    Can someone help with how to configure this? I understand that this could require a tweak of some kind.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have.
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    This may work:

    Install SoftKey Manager:

    This lets you remap the softkeys.

    Run SoftKey Manager from Start/Programs. Tap on "Programs" within SoftKey and you should see Opera. Select Opera and it will show as your right softkey option.

    Regarding Google search: you can change the today screen options from Start/Settings/Personal/Today/Items, but I don't know how one could get Opera in there as a selection.


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