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    I've ported HTC's Streaming Player from the Treo Pro.

    This is somewhat of a placeholder post until I can upload the CAB file (over 2.5 megs! )

    To Install:
    Run StreamingPlayer_Pro.CAB

    To Uninstall:
    Normal method through Remove Programs in the Control Panel

    Things to note:
    Unlike other versions the rotate function in this does not work well. I tried it and it rotated the D-Pad controls while leaving everything else alone. For this reason I won't be enabling it.

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    Now, what does it exactly do again (formats)? Specifically in comparison to say Kinoma Play? (besides being free) lol

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    It really only does one thing, which is RTSP (and sdp) streaming formats.

    It's not a format I use often, but it's very nice when browsing YouTube Mobile, or similar sites.

    I like it for the simple fact that it *VERY* easily lets me control how much it buffers.
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    this might as well be treocentral-xda-developers, i love it! even though i've only recently re-joined the treo family, i'm loving getting caught up on all the fun stuff happening with the 800w/Pro. keep up the good work!
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    how do i download this
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    No download yet. Still ironing out the kinks.
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    Any update on this?
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    How does it work? You have to put in the url say like to a video on youtube each time?
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