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    Are there any really good programs out there that would rival the interface that SPB Mobile shell and their PocketPlus provide? I have tried ThrottleLauncher and PointUI with mixed results. PointUI was not easy to use whatsoever and ThrottleLauncher crippled my phone so that I had to do a hard reset.

    I'm not really worried about pay vs. free programs, I'd like to see if there is anything else out there that is better or just as good as the interface I was use with SPB. I had tried their trials and their programs are awesome, the only one I have purchased (from SPB) a while back is Pocket Plus.

    Any suggestions?
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    I think SPB provides some of the best software I've seen for Windows Mobile!

    I'm currently using SPB Mobile Shell, SPB Time, SPB Wireless Monitor.

    I also tried SPB Online and its very cool, allowing you to stream TV and radio stations all around the world.

    Well worth the money IMO.

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