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    I have just upgraded to the Pro from the 680 and I am facing the following annoyance: My cell sevice provider is T-mobile, and my Treo Pro connects to the T-mobile network just fine. However, for some reason, it shows me that I am in roaming mode (triangle icon) and it pops me with a roaming warning everytime I initiate a data connection.

    Has anybody experienced this, and what can I do to solve it? I am in a good coverage area and I have confirmed that I am connected to the correct cell network. I tried resetting, but no luck.

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    I have T-Mobile out of Chicago, and haven't had any trouble. Could it be a bad Sims card?
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    I am pretty convinced it's a Treo Pro issue. When I take the SIM card out and out it in my old Treo 680, it's just fine.

    FYI: I got my Treo second hand from someone in a different state. I am wondering whether there is something in the initial setup. My preferred network is T-mobile, and that's what the phone connects to, but I still get the roaming icon.

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    did you hard reset once you got it?
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    Yep, hard reset with sim in the phone should take care of it.
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    Thanks, I will try a hard reset. As an FYI I found someone had a similar issue here:
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    Ok, I just did a hard reset with the SIM card in the phone. It didn't fix the problem

    Any other suggestions? I contacted Palm and they have no idea.
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    Anybody else experiencing this, or knows how to make the roaming icon go away?

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