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    Hi Folks,

    I'm on a Pay-as-You-Go plan, and it is getting expensive. I seem so be inadvertently pressing the Internet softkey, or unwittingly selecting data when the wireless function is off, and using up minutes.

    On my Treo 650, prior to accessing the web a cue came up asking if I would like to connect "yes or no". I can find no option to invoke this in the Treo Pro.

    So, is there an application that will achieve this?

    Thanks, Gary
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    There's a netguard on the 800w that you can set to prompt you before the phone makes a connection to the net. Not sure if the Pro has something similar.

    But these phones are extremely heavily internet based. It's kinda like getting a high end sports car and then never taking it on the freeway.
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    I've seen one or two posts on here referring to apps that can remap the softkeys; if you changed it from 'Internet' to something else, it would solve your main problem. Have a search around.
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    Biggles and Ebag333,

    Thanks for the help. I found and installed "Softkey Manager" and and changed the right softkey from Internet to Sprite Backup.

    Regards, Gary
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