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    I have had two 800s and both devices never showed the text messages in the Marck Space/SMS program after syncing.

    I'm in touch with Mark Space tech support and they have had me try some things but with no success.

    I am using Leopard 10.5.5 and Entourage 2008..

    Anyone else having this issue? And any solutions?
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    Hi bronx889.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I also own a Treo 800w, purchased as an upgrade from a Treo 650 (and several Palm OS PDAs prior).

    From what I've learned, Palm uses its own SMS file type, not the Windows Mobile 6.1 standard. Apparently this was done because Palm wanted to preserve its threaded SMS standard. Threaded SMS is a feature Palm OS users have enjoyed since the 1990s. Apparently, the standard WinMob SMS application doesn't use the "threaded view".

    Unfortunately, it seems that neither Palm or any third-party developer to date has cared to provide a means to backup/archive/access from desktop on a MAC. The 800w is a great, feature-packed phone. I really enjoy it, but am greatly disappointed by the inability to sync SMS to MAC.

    I've looked all over the web. If I could write a program myself, I would. PLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE, PLEASE WRITE A PALM TREO 800w SMS MAC SYNC APPLICATION!

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