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    Don't hate if this is common knowledge!

    So, ever since I bought the 800w to replace my 700wx, I've always wondered why it never charged up to 100%. It always went to 99% or 98%. Sometimes, it would hit 100% for like one second but it never showed that the battery was fully charged for longer than that. Last night, I connected the wrong USB end. Instead of getting the one from the A/C adaptor, I got the one connected to my computer's externally-powered USB hub. This morning, I was surprised to see it fully charged.

    Maybe this doesn't really matter that much. I mean, its just 1-2% difference but I like to be in "the know."
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    I still get the same issue whether I use the A/C adapter or charge directly from my computer. Sometimes I get the 100% but no frequently.
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    About 3 months into my 800w ownership it started reading 100%- never did up until then. Same with a buddy.

    Not sure why...
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    Mine often says 100% in the morning. In fact more often than not. I use a USB cable connected to a charging station.
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    Mine has read 100% several times, whether charging from the wall, usb, or car.
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    Mine would never reach 100% either at first and then it started charging to 100% after about a month

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