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    I'm feeling rather frustrated at the moment. I just purchased MyCast weather from Fandango and did the purchase while on my PC. i downloaded the exe install ti my PC then transferred it to the 800W via the memory card. I created a sub-folder under Program Files called MyCast Weather. This is where I put the install file. When select the install file absolutely nothing happens.

    To preface this, i did try to use the trail version. I followed the same process as above. The install started, gave me the "unknown publisher" warning, yes to continue...then nothing.

    I could really use some help because $10.00 is $10.00, and these days every penny counts.

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    The exe is the desktop installer. Connect the phone to the pc with activesync and run the exe on the desktop.
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    I need to pick up a sync cable and I will give it a try.

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